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What is book group expo?

"I was blown away by the authors and the discussions—(I) felt like my author friends missed out because they thought it was strictly for "book group" people. It was much more than that ..."

Elena Morera

book group expo brings together serious readers and their passions—food, wine, conversation and everything else. Imagine! Two full days of book-related activities all in the comfortable and exciting company of other book lovers and authors. So, whether you call it a book group or a book club or a reading circle, if you treasure books and enjoy discussing them with others - book group expo is for you.

At book group expo you can:

  • Participate in intimate Literary Salons featuring authors and moderators discussing their ideas and their work
  • Enjoy free tastings of wine, tea, chocolate and other savory and sweet delights
  • Have access to books . . . lots of books!
  • Meet authors —book signings follow each Literary Salon
  • Learn about book groups and reading groups
  • Have fun. Serious fun.

The first event of its kind for book lovers

book group expo is the first event of its kind that delivers an experience—a two day salon experience – designed especially for book lovers.

Book group members and avid readers will have a chance to meet some of their favorite authors, discover a literary treasure or three that they’ve never heard of before, and meet and connect with people in other book groups – or start a new one.

Created by devoted readers and book group members

Book lover Ann Kent conceived of book group expo with the intention of bringing like-minded people together in an exciting, yet intimate setting, not only for the pleasure of spending a day or two in the company of book lovers, but also to create networks of readers who exchange ideas, form new groups, recommend great books, and become part of a community that truly enhances the literary experience. Ann is committed to every book group expo experience being a great day—a memorable day—where serious readers can have some very serious fun. The past few Chapters of book group expo are a perfect examples of what the future experiences will include.

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The expo Marketplace—books and so much more

Book group members are passionate about all things artistic and cerebral, including art, education, music, travel, wine, spirits, chocolate, culinary delights, aromatherapy, games, politics, investing, and everyday celebrations.

Book groups are about more than just books. And so is book group expo. In addition to the Literary Salons that include authors and various panel conversations, this two-day event includes a Marketplace featuring onsite vendors ready to introduce you to products available to enhance your book group and reading experience.

San Jose 2009 – Taking a Break This Fall

To book group expo’s avid supporters –

Thank you all for your calls and emails inquiring about San Jose 2009. ALL are appreciated. We have made a very difficult decision around a Fall 2009 event in San Jose. The shift in the economy has had an impact on us all – consumers and businesses. And that includes readers and publishers.

Unfortunately, that has lead to very difficult decision. As we were working diligently to identify an alternative venue for San Jose 2009, the shift in the economy began to have an impact on the publishing arena as well. Candidly, it has taken a hard toll on our publishing allies and this has had an impact on book group expo for 2009. Though the publishing community is very supportive of what we are doing (Thank you! Thank you! ), the economic impact is very real.

For 2009, we will take a break from a Fall event, but will continue with our smaller off the shelf events. Look forward to hearing about plans for 2010 --- well-enough in advance that those of you from Hawaii, Boston, Alabama, Florida and everywhere in between will have time to plan ahead!

In the meantime, stay connected with us. Read the monthly newsletter --- and . . . Keep those pages turning!

Ann Kent – founder
book group expo

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"And may I add that I LOVED the expo! When is the next one?? Oh, please say there will be a next one!"

Terye Riley

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