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1 : an interacting population with shared interest, activity, feeling or experience; 2 : the entity in which book group expo operates and shares; 3 : the people with whom book group expo chooses to interact.

book group expo is about community—and these are some supporters of avid readers, book groups and book group expo that we want you to know about! We invite you learn more about them. We appreciate their support and want to support them as well.

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WOW! Women On Writing

WOW! Women on WritingAre you interested in learning more about a great writing resource? If so, you should visit WOW! Women on Writing. WOW is an e-zine promoting the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers. Angela and Annette are a great resource!

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Creation Ground Media

Symphony Silicon Valley Creation Ground Media has been a partner of book group expo and an active part of our community since bge was just a notion. We rely on their outstanding work and personalized service and so can you! Creation Ground Media delivers extraordinary custom video productions for businesses.

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Reading Group Choices

WOW! Women on WritingIf you are looking for an additional resource to help you or your book club sort through options, Reading Group Choices can help. They offer an annual booklet and a continually-updated website that suggest discussion topics and provide descriptive information on chosen titles. The popular monthly electronic newsletter is filled with interesting, fun, and interactive material of interest to book discussion groups.

book group expo would like to thank Barbara and Charles Mead for their support—we book lovers need to stick together!

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The Book Report

If you want to listen to how they do it in Monroe, LA, then check out The Book Report and listen to co-hosts Elisabeth Grant-Gibson and Pat Grant. A scintillating once-a-week, one-hour radio magazine about books, originating live from the KMLB studios in Monroe, The Book Report features a variety of book-related news and interviews. It is absolutely worth taking a listen—tell them book group expo sent you!

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Bookclub-in-a-Box Bookclub-in-a-Box is an innovative product for the discussion and appreciation of literary fiction. Their in-depth reading guides for current and classic fiction go beyond the usual list of questions and author information. These guides are well organized and easy-to-use, affordable and entertaining. The guides, which include relevant background and/or historical information, focus points, themes, writing style and more, are designed to stimulate and assist any discussion. For more information log onto their website or call 866-578-5571.

Thanks from book group expo to founder, Marilyn Herbert, for thinking INSIDE the box!

back to top delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world's most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation. It provides deep, unfiltered content, tools for self-expression and a place for the interactive community to gather online.

There are brilliant ideas, expressed everyday in public discussions and events, all over the world.

Don't miss them.

back to top is an online community where readers, writers, and independent booksellers share their unique reading interests, make new connections, and enjoy stimulating conversations. In the same spirit of book group expo, LitMinds is about community and connection.

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Magnificent Gifts

MagnificentGifts.comFor that perfect accompaniment to a good book, we are huge fans of Margaret Baggerly and Magnificent Gifts. Chocolates, teas, cookies—oh my! Magnificent Gifts is NOT just for gifts anymore—but their gift baskets are fabulous!

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National Kidney Foundation

National Kidney Foundation NKF of Northern CA and Northern NV has been the leading advocate for patients and families coping with kidney disease for nearly 40 years. They provide a variety of programs—education, resources and services—to help address the diverse needs of the community. The Foundation has sponsored regular AUTHOR EVENTS in both San Francisco and Sacramento as a part of their community outreach. To learn more about future events and the services of NKF of Northern CA and Northern NV, log onto their website.

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Pen American Center

Symphony Silicon Valley PEN American Center is an association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship.

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Support our book group expo sponsors! Let them know we appreciate their commitment to making sure we continue to keep those pages turning.

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